We Worry

& What’s there to stop us from worrying?



We always worry. About life, about school, about everything, we always worry. One of the perks (or disadvantages) of having an advanced brain and a higher thinking capacity is allowing thoughts of any kind enter the brain.

With my experience, 80% of the time I worried for nothing.

I was always worried about life in Canada, and it turned out well.

I was worried about my performance in high school, and it turned out well.

I was worried about getting accepted to University, and I got accepted.

I was worried about my marks, and they turned to be pretty fair.

or not.

sometimes not everything turns out well.

sometimes ‘well’ is not fair. You don’t know how this world works.

But chances are, the things you worry about right now are gonna be alright. Or will be alright if you do what you need to do. As a wise man once said, worrying is as effective as trying to solve an algebra equation by chewing bubble gum. The real troubles in your life are things that don’t even cross your worried mind.

But remember if you really deserve it, you will have it. Life is more dependent on physics rules than you think.

Don’t worry about the future, and live your present life, like this is the only present life you will ever have.



Arian J. Salari