Exam times are here!

So today, exam times technically started. Not for me though. I still have two more days to study for my Chemistry exam. I’ve never been good with Chemistry, cuz I’m more of a bio guy. But this year I’ve maintained a GPA of 4.0 in it, and I think its probably the first time I’ve had a 4.0 in a chem course. So I feel confident about it.

Nevertheless, I love exam times, even though it’s the most hated time of the year. It’s mostly because I get to sit with my friends, and we study together, and we bond. I feel the closest to my friends during this time, cuz like, they help me out, I help them out, There’s a positive energy flowing around.


It’s not just now that I have this feeling. Exam times have always been fun for me. When I was younger, it felt great coming home early from an exam and watch dumb British morning shows. Even thinking about it makes me feel nostalgic. Idk, I never really got anxious about exams.



But university is different.

I feel more anxious.

I feel more in danger of failing.

And of course I doubt myself every now and then.

Being a decent student, Imma let you know I’m totally fine with it.

This is to tell you, University is supposed to be hard. It’s supposed to be like this.

Even the smartest of us will fail one of these days, and its absolutely normal.

We are supposed to, or we won’t learn how to deal with failure ever.


Arian J. Salari

Your unofficial guide to UTM Life Sciences

If you’re reading this you probably got accepted in life sciences program at UTM. If that’s the case, fuck yeah bro! (or sis!) Now you will see a bunch of other tips and shit to do better in your program. This is my version of it, and I hope it helps you out. Now let’s start with:

1. Your mandatory courses

You probably already know that you need to take BIO152, BIO153, CHM110, CHM120 and MAT134. And if you didn’t know already, then yeah you need to take BIO152, BIO153, CHM110, CHM120 and MAT134. I can’t really help you out with the bio courses. They’re legit easy af. But here’s the case with CHM110:

There are 2 profs teaching this course. One is named Krish, the other one is Poe. If you’re not amazing at chemistry, and you kinda struggle with it, and you can’t handle unorthodox methods, do not take CHM110 with professor Poe. Do not take CHM110 during your first semester. Take it during your second semester with Krish and then later in the summer take CHM120 with him!

Now for MAT134, there are plenty of Profs for this course. Make sure you check their ratings on ratemyprofessor.com before taking their class. If you are kinda struggling with math as well, stay away from Professor Yu and stick to professor Fuchs.

2. Your electives

Your mandatory courses will add up to 3 credits, meaning that you can take 1-2 more credits! DO NOT TAKE LANGUAGE COURSES AT ALL, unless you already speak that language and you just wanna take it so you can have a higher GPA. You’re already using your brain to the max, you don’t need another language on the side. SOC100 is one of the most popular electives around here. Of course if you are taking SOC100, it is better if you go with professor Innocente. There’s another prof for this course, her name is Jayne Baker, but she is rather strict compared to professor Innocente.

If you are thinking about medschool, there are a bunch of other science courses you need to have in mind: Physics and Psychology. Before taking them during your first semester, make sure you can handle the workload first!!! Here’s a suggestion: take your mandatory courses during your first and second semester, plus a bunch of easy electives, and then sacrifice your summer exclusively for Physics. Or not. Doesn’t matter. You don’t HAVE to take it during your first year. You can worry about it later.

3. Textbooks

If you wanna go to medschool and eventually become a doctor, it is better if you own a physical copy of all your science textbooks so you can go back to them later and study them for MCAT and shit.

However, if you think you don’t need physical copies, ask around and I promise you will find an ebook for whatever textbook you are looking. The key is to know the right people. There are so many amazing and kind people on UTM Facebook groups (see tip #4). Chances are, one of them will send them to you.

Also, you have absolutely no reason to buy the textbooks from the UTM bookstore, unless you wanna pull your pants down and legit shit on your money. Buy from the students. It’s cheaper. You’ll need money. They’ll use some money. It’ll all be good fam. Trust.

4. Facebook groups

There are Facebook groups for most of the courses you are taking. Join them. People post notes and stuff on them.

If there are no groups for your course, well, make one. You don’t always have to be a lazy piece of shit, you know..

I really do wanna continue writing because I feel like I didn’t really write much for this tip, but I can’t think of anything cuz it’s pretty fuckin’ straightforward.

5. OneClass.com

I found OneClass.com even more helpful than Facebook groups sometimes. There are so many good stuff here. It will cost you 70$ a year though. But it’s worth it. But then again, if you want one year worth of chemistry notes or math notes here, you might not be able to find it. Everything else is pretty useful though. And if you are a note-taking freak yourself, you can upload them and get rewards!!

6. Programs 

During your time at UTM, some will probably ask you : What’s your major? What’s your minor? The things is, you don’t have a major or a minor yet. You will choose them after your first year. This link gives you all the programs that UTM offers: http://www.utm.utoronto.ca/programs-departments

Make sure you decide what you wanna do soon, so you can meet the requirements of your program.

7. GPA

GPA is important, especially if you wanna go to medschool. But nowhere does it say that you are OBLIGATED to have a 4.0 throughout your Uni life. So if it’s not 4.0 yet, don’t worry. I’d say stick around 2.5 or even higher for your first year and you’ll have more than enough time to increase it. Don’t stress too much over this, k? Check all the groups to find out what courses would make decent electives for you. And as I mentioned before, take the language course of the language you speak! It will boost you up like fuck!

However if you a genius and you have a 4.0 at all times, then by all means, have it!

8. Frosh

I’m gonna keep this short cuz I’m getting tired. I’m doing this for free anyway, you should be thanking me for fucks sake.

Yeah so, Go to Frosh. Frosh is a great way to meet the people in your program who have more resources than you. Chances are, you will learn a thing or two, and you might even find someone who will send you notes and textbooks for free!

And here’s my final tip to you:

Prepare to fail. Because you will. at one point or another you will fail something, a test, a quiz, a lab, or even a course. It’s okay. No one said studying here will be easy.

Once you accept the fact that failure can happen anytime, you’ll have an easier time recovering.



and of course feel to contact me and blah blah


Arian J. Salari


A little bit of piano

There’s this room on the third floor of DV. It has a decent piano in it. I think the room is for some sort of faculty club or shit idk.

But yeah today I realized this piano distracts me from all the shit that is going on around here! So I spent 3 hours playing it today, because I had this stupid lab test. 

So yeah I suggest you go play some piano if you’re stressed about anything, it really helps! 

Or find something else on campus. There are so many things to do here that you don’t know of!

Maybe I’ll post about some other secret spots later 😉


Arian J. Salari

What is it with us?

What is it with us human beings? Days come and go, and we will never stop and say: this is a great life.

Always in rush, always stressed, always moving around, always complaining about things that don’t even matter!

And we never stop for a second to think about the things that are around us.

A decent life.

A vast world.

So many people to meet, so many opportunities to have.


UTM, October 2015

And all these stressful matters will fade away one day, and if we don’t stop once in a while to live in the moment, our lives will fade away with them as well.

Don’t overthink, and don’t stress too much about the future, because things will work out if you put in decent amount of work anyway. That is the rule around here. And if they don’t, there’s always a chance to fix them. But can you go back to your younger days? No. Then don’t miss out…

and there’s another rule we have around here, if you ever wanted to come to UTM:

Don’t take CHM110 with Professor Poe.




Arian J. Salari




For me there are only a few ways to deal with stress or workload. One of them is blogging. (The other one is playing FIFA on my PS4, just saying) I know for the first few months, maybe even years, I will have around 4 people actually reading my posts but I don’t care. I do this for myself.

For those who don’t know, this is me



My name is Arian. I’m currently studying in one of the coolest universities ever; University of Toronto Mississauga. The picture above was taken inside the university. It’s a small university. It is small compared to the main campus of UofT but I personally like it, even though most of my friends hate it so fuckin’ much. This weblog will be filled with my stories in this place.

Years from now, new UTM  students will find this weblog, and that’s when I will be working my ass off for my family instead of writing shit, and they’ll kinda understand how life was around here in 2016, even though I personally cannot understand how life is at the moment.

Sometimes rather gloomy, sometimes rather happy.

I will understand one day, and so will you.



Arian J. Salari