Exam times are here!

So today, exam times technically started. Not for me though. I still have two more days to study for my Chemistry exam. I’ve never been good with Chemistry, cuz I’m more of a bio guy. But this year I’ve maintained a GPA of 4.0 in it, and I think its probably the first time I’ve […]

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What is it with us?

What is it with us human beings? Days come and go, and we will never stop and say: this is a great life. Always in rush, always stressed, always moving around, always complaining about things that don’t even matter! And we never stop for a second to think about the things that are around us. […]

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Starting off!

For me there are only a few ways to deal with stress or workload. One of them is blogging. (The other one is playing FIFA on my PS4, just saying) I know for the first few months, maybe even years, I will have around 4 people actually reading my posts but I don’t care. I […]

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