Well hello there!

The last time I wrote on this weblog it was about a year and a few months ago. I was in second year and was just starting first semester. Today I’m in third year, and just started my second semester. I thought it’d be a good idea to write again. When I started this blog my goal was to leave a little UTM diary and right now this diary is lacking content massively and your boi is almost done with his UTM journey.

Was Gucci Gang the highlight of your year too?

So what kinds of stuff can happen in one and a half years?

Let’s start with aging! Your boi aged twice since the last time I wrote. I am a 22 year old now and that’s honestly too many years in my own humble opinion. Since the last time I wrote, I tried to travel back home twice and I failed twice, making it 6 years being away from home. Considering my last post was back in September, I could also tell you that since then, Donald Trump became the president of the United States, took office, probably tweeted some shit and banned me and some other people from entering the United States, but honestly, who gives a fuck? Since the last time we talked, I switched programs twice and now your boi is a bio specialist for now, ‘for now’ being the key words.. One of the most important things that happened since then is the rise of Lil Pump and the release of Gucci Gang, arguably the most important event since 2016. Oh, I also almost died. I had a heart surgery which was successful BUT an embolism almost fucked me up. As you can see, I SOMEHOW managed to survive. Frosh happened in 2017 and your boi became a frosh leader. Honestly I could just go ahead and write up a post about frosh but I don’t think anyone would care about what I think about an event that happened 6 months ago. I could, however, tell you briefly how it was; it was lit. 10/10 would do it again. Kylie Jenner got pregnant. Snapchat released arguably one of the stupidest updates of all times. Manchester United bought Lukaku. Two Star Wars movies came out. And there’s still no Vine 2.0.

So yeah, quite a lot, I’d say.

So, time flies and shit happens. Is this gonna make me use my time wisely and enjoy everyday? No. Am I gonna use it as my end-of-the-post lesson? Yes. Time flies and shit happens, so use your time wisely and enjoy everyday!

I’ll be writing more!




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