The sun gets further and further away from where I’m standing. Looking up to find the moon. There’s no moon. Only grey clouds.

I swear minutes ago I was hearing people talking and laughing, but now, all I hear is the howling wind. I don’t know. I think it replaced the laughing in the matter of seconds.

Howling wind always has a friend. We call it the lightning. And with Lightning comes the good old rain.

I always loved the smell of rain, the sound of lightning. Those were the good days when I was safe. In my room, under my blanket, looking out the window, admiring the view. But as years went by I got out of my room. I got out of my room more often. Sometimes I didn’t go back to my room, some nights I didn’t sleep under my own blanket. Today, I don’t remember much about it. I miss my room and I don’t think I’ll ever go back to it again.

Tonight, I don’t have time to admire the view.

I wish I did but I can’t. I don’t have time for that.

The rain wants me to drown. The lightning wants me to disappear and the wind wants me to fly. No room anymore. It’s just me, the ground and the sky.

Father always said stand still when the storm is coming, but all my father did was to prepare me for a breeze. This is no breeze and father’s not here to tell me what to do with this.

I guess I’ll stand still anyway.

Rain making my face wet, and wind blowing in my face. I think I can feel some parts of my face freeze. That’s okay. At least I can still breathe.

I hear the lightning. It’s not coming for me. I look around and I see trees falling. I remember these trees.

I remember cause I planted them and now, they’re falling one by one. Suddenly I’m surrounded by dead trees. Trees that Mother and I spent time and love on. They’re dead in front of me.

There’s nothing left but me. I close my eyes. This is it. This is my exit.




Howling wind stops.

Rain stops.

No sound of lightning.


I open my eyes. It’s bright. It’s morning.

I look around. I still see dead trees. But you know what? Fuck it. I lived. I’ll plant some more trees.

I look up. It’s bright but the air still feels kinda wet, that’s what happens after a rain. Even though the damage is bad, at least the sun is shining again.



Arian J. Salari


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