a year ago on this day, I got accepted to UTM.


I got accepted to a lot of universities after that, like McMaster and York, but I decided to go to UTM. Why did I choose UTM?

If you ask me in person, I might come up with some answers like “yeah the weather is good in Mississauga, the town is small, the community is tighter” but the truth is, I didn’t really have a reason.

I just chose UTM because it was the first university that accepted me and I thought that’s a good sign, and I went with my guts and accepted the offer.

I could never tell you what would’ve happened if I went to McMaster or York or UBC. Maybe things would’ve been better. Maybe things would’ve been worse. I don’t know.

But I can tell you, me going with my guts and choosing UTM turned out to be great. More than fine, to be honest. I won’t go in details about why or how it turned out to be great. You can define great by yourself.

Moral of the story is,

Sometimes, it’s good to go with what you feel like is the right choice. Instincts, guts. Call it whatever you want. But sometimes in life, there’s voice in your head that tells what might be better for you (in an absolutely non-psychotic way, lol). My advice to you for today is, every now and then listen to them and go with your feelings and do whatever you feel is right.



Arian J. Salari


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