What is it with us?

What is it with us human beings? Days come and go, and we will never stop and say: this is a great life.

Always in rush, always stressed, always moving around, always complaining about things that don’t even matter!

And we never stop for a second to think about the things that are around us.

A decent life.

A vast world.

So many people to meet, so many opportunities to have.

UTM, October 2015

And all these stressful matters will fade away one day, and if we don’t stop once in a while to live in the moment, our lives will fade away with them as well.

Don’t overthink, and don’t stress too much about the future, because things will work out if you put in decent amount of work anyway. That is the rule around here. And if they don’t, there’s always a chance to fix them. But can you go back to your younger days? No. Then don’t miss out…

and there’s another rule we have around here, if you ever wanted to come to UTM:

Don’t take CHM110 with Professor Poe.




Arian J. Salari




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