Starting off!

For me there are only a few ways to deal with stress or workload. One of them is blogging. (The other one is playing FIFA on my PS4, just saying) I know for the first few months, maybe even years, I will have around 4 people actually reading my posts but I don’t care. I do this for myself.

For those who don’t know, this is me



My name is Arian. I’m currently studying in one of the coolest universities ever; University of Toronto Mississauga. The picture above was taken inside the university. It’s a small university. It is small compared to the main campus of UofT but I personally like it, even though most of my friends hate it so fuckin’ much. This weblog will be filled with my stories in this place.

Years from now, new UTM  students will find this weblog, and that’s when I will be working my ass off for my family instead of writing shit, and they’ll kinda understand how life was around here in 2016, even though I personally cannot understand how life is at the moment.

Sometimes rather gloomy, sometimes rather happy.

I will understand one day, and so will you.



Arian J. Salari

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